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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Gardens lost as sea walls collapse

The collapse of part of a sea wall at West Sussex has seen several homes have their gardens washed away.

A 30ft (9.1m) stretch of land at Selsey Bill was affected when the 40-year-old coastal defence was compromised.

Chichester District Council had used concrete as an emergency means of plugging the breach in the sea wall.

The Environment Agency is currently consulting on future defences at Selsey Bill and along the West Sussex coast.

The deadline for comments on how the threat of erosion is managed between Pagham and Chichester Harbour is 31 March.

Roland O'Brien, from the Save Our Selsey campaign, said local people objected to one proposal that they might have to contribute significant amounts of money to any new defences.

The Environment Agency's Jonathan Hunter said: "With some of the draft proposals there are going to be winners and losers, but nothing has been decided."

Donald Clark was one of the Selsey Bill residents affected by this week's collapse.

"I looked out and thought that the view had improved, and then I saw that the wall had gone," Mr Clark said.

Neighbour Paul Anderson added: "The council assure me it's all going to be put back and it will be better than it was before.

"They're going to put reinforcing bars in whereas they didn't when they first put the sea wall in there in 1967."


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