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Monday, October 29, 2007

Changes to Hosepipe Bans ?

People in England and Wales could be forbidden to fill pools and clean patios with a hose during a drought under plans to toughen hosepipe bans.

The bans already cover washing cars and watering gardens with a hosepipe.

School pools and pools for medical use will be exempt from the rules next spring, but water companies may forbid the use of a hose to wash windows.

The dry weather of 2005 and 2006 led to empty reservoirs and hosepipe bans that affected about 13 million people.

The changes will introduce a "discretionary use ban", leaving it up to individual water companies to decide which water-related activities to prohibit.

Firms will not have to consult ministers in order to act and could also stop people using hot tubs and jacuzzis, operating ornamental ponds and fountains and using pressure hoses.

But gardeners maintaining registered collections of plants will be allowed to water them.

Seems amazing that in such a wet country we have to worry about droughts.


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