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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Convert Idle Land to Veggie Plots Plan

With the United Kingdom expected to be the hardest hit among mature European economies with the global financial meltdown, London officials are searching for ways to help ease the financial pressures on residents.

One measure proposed Monday by London Mayor Boris Johnson is to encourage backyard gardening among residents, even on top of flat roofs. The first phase of Capital Growth project, which will be overseen by London Food head Rosie Boycott, is for city residents to grow food on 2,012 patches of land by 2012.

Councils, schools, hospitals, housing estates and utility companies will be encouraged to pinpoint idle lands which could be converted into vegetable gardens by green-thumbed Londoners.

Boycott said the veggie gardens do not need to be only on flat lands, it could be small plots of soil on canal banks, reservoir banks and unused railway yards.


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