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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Your Garden Adequately Covered?

Apparently the average garden contains items worth more than £1,000, made up of £700 worth of plants, trees, bushes and shrubs, and over £800 on what is in our garden sheds. And if you take into account BBQ equipment, gazebos, and patio equipment, the value rises even more.

Yet, if you check your insurance policy, chances are that you are only covered for something like £500 for loss to outdoor items. You could have a shortfall of many hundreds-if not thousands-of pounds.

There are some policies which cover up to £2,000, but not many. Even if you are covered for a decent amount, say several thousands of pounds, you might still find that there are individual ceilings placed on items.

Expensive barbecue sets, or patio furniture might not fully be covered. Ride-on lawnmowers can be quite expensive too. What about bicycles, they should be covered either by your current policy, but if not add them as specific items, or take out a separate policy to cover them. There are certain things which ought to be covered by your buildings policy, including such items as fences, patios, conservatories, and outbuildings. So, before dashing off to top up your insurance you need to be clear on what is and isn't covered by your existing insurance policy.

As far as what is stored inside sheds and other outbuildings are concerned, security is obviously a factor. Insurers will usually insist on a certain level of security, specifying the standard of locks they require to be fitted, and so on. Remember too, that when it is warm outside it can be tempting to leave your items outdoors overnight, or when you go out. Get them stolen and again chances are you are not covered.

If you really want to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for all your gardening items you may want to consider getting a quote from a specialist provider.


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