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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Protect Plants Against Late Frost

At this time of year many plants succumb to frost or to cold, excessively wet soil. Leaves may become frost-bitten and roots can rot. You need to protect your plants before first frosts strike, to ensure a good display the following year.

In sheltered city gardens, you may get away with not protecting tender plants at all. However, if you are going to experiment, do pay attention to weather forecasts – don’t get caught out by a sudden hard frost.

Planted pots

For general protection of your garden apply a layer of bark compost or mulch 5cm (2in) deep around herbaceous perennials but use grit around the plants themselves. This will stop moisture collecting and rotting the stems while the mulch will keep them warm. The mulch will also help by breaking down over the winter months, adding organic matter to the soil and improving drainage. Also, as you prepare your plants, take cuttings as you go, ( in case plants don't survive.)


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