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Thursday, February 05, 2009

How do they Maintain Golf Courses So Well?

I sometimes wonder how much effort it must take to maintain golf courses in such tip-top condition, especially when it gets to the putting greens. They must spend a lot of time and research in choosing the right grass, watering the greens with just the correct amount of water, cutting the grass to the optimum level and so on.

When I think about my own garden my grass gets cut to just one level, which is as short as possible, so I don`t have to cut it again for as long as possible. My own contribution to keeping the weeds out is to have a company come around every few months to sow the lawn with a mixture of fertiliser and weedkiller, (boy, do I hate weeding). That tends to keep the lawn looking pretty healthy all year round.

As for watering, why was rain created? Admittedly during the odd summer periods when it stays sunny for long periods it`s tempting to get the hose out, but, being tempted and actually doing it are two different things in my book.

Anyway, back to the golf. I do enjoy a round of golf from time to time, in an amateurish sort of way. My handicap is that I can`t play very well. I do envy those who have some good golfing equipment. When I`m at the driving range I just hire what`s available since I don`t even have my own clubs. So, what`s worthwhile looking at right now for good golf equipment deals?

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