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Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Garden Maintenance For Healthy Plants

Good healthy soil is essential if you want a good garden with healthy plants and flowers.

 * Maintain your soil with organics in the form of compost or compost-like natural fertilizers on a regular basis.

* Mulch in the amounts is good. But, overdo it and you end up smothering the soil.
A few centimetres is normally the maximum that should be used.

* Keep your grass in the lawn and out of beds by edging sharply with a half-moon edger a couple of times a year. Or, you could install a proper brick or plastic barrier that goes down at least 10 centimetres.

* Trying out hardy plants is one thing, but when selecting trees and shrubs it's best to go for known winners. Mistakes can be costly and time-consuming.

* In the case of tree planting deeper is not better. The top main roots should be barely underground. Go too deep and you risk suffocating them.

* When choosing plants, colour might be important to us, but shouldn't be the overriding factor. Pick plants which suit your soil, your garden, your location.


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