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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Therapy of Gardening

Gardening can be hard work, it can be back breaking, it can be extremely frustrating. But, it must be said, gardening can also be very therapeutic.

On a nice summer's day what better than to be out in the garden? Yes, I know that gardens are meant to be looked at, and the lawns sat on. But still, if you want a nice looking garden you have to work at it (or, if can afford it, pay someone else to do it for you).

When you see the fruits of your labour and the plants grow and the flowers are out that is so rewarding. And, if you like your own company then an hour or so outdoors on your own can be just what the doctor ordered.

Now, if the weather was warm enough I'd be in the garden myself, but, this is England after all. It's raining, and a bit cool. Still, looking through the window the garden does look nice...


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