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Monday, March 08, 2010

Almost Spring, and Time To Start Mowing Again

It`ll be spring in a couple of weeks time. Spring is a nice time of year as the rebirth begins all over again. And one of the jobs that has to be tackled is tending the garden, including mowing the lawn. The first time it`s done is the hardest, especially if the grass has grown over-long. It`s important not to have the blades at too low a level, as the lawn can be damaged if the blades rip the grass up. It`s better to cut it the first time on a higher level, and work to a low level over time.

Thankfully nowadays there`s a huge range of lawnmowers, from manual through electric and gas-powered. Choosing the right one is important, so it is worth spending some time checking out the pros and cons of the various type of mower to get the right one for you.


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