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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time To Think About Spring Planting

Probably the last thing on peoples minds when there`s thick snow on the ground is about planting in spring. Yet, spring is about one month away, thank goodness. With the gardens covered in endless piles of snow, spring planting seems a long way off.

The New Castle County Master Gardeners will mark the day with a demonstration on how to plant potatoes. The $5 session is one of a dozen-plus vegetable or fruit workshops that the New Castle County and Sussex Master Gardeners have planned for spring.

Apparently more and more of us are interested in getting into vegetable gardening but don`t know where to begin, so these workshops which cover the basics should prove very useful, and popular.

The conventional -- and easy to remember -- wisdom about potato planting in this region is that you plant seed potatoes on St. Patrick's Day. Some Delaware gardeners swear by the date -- not a day sooner or later.


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