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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Encouraging Children to Garden is Important

One of the most therapeutic of activities is said to be that of gardening. Gardening is relaxing, yet recreational. What other forms of activity get you outdoors, using your muscles, getting some exercise, and comes with results, either at that moment, or in the case of planting, at a time in the future?

With this in mind, gardening is something that should involve the whole family where possible. Youngsters love the outdoors. Help them appreciate that a certain amount of work has to go into the care of the garden. That without putting in the effort there would be no order in the garden. Encourage them to appreciate and understand the wonders of nature. How things have to be planted, watered and nurtured.

As children grow they can have their own tools, making it fun to dig holes, to water the plants, rake up the leaves, and even to get rid of the weeds. Encouraging children to garden is all part of learning, just as it's important for them to learn cooking or other basic household skils.

Then, when our kids get to have a home of their own, they too can care for their own gardens, and in turn teach their children the fulfillment that can be got from gardening.


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