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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Forget The Weather - Garden Indoors!

Create an indoor garden with the AeroGarden. Quickly and easily grow tomatoes, basil, beans, peas, herbs, and so much more.

AeroGarden Features:

* High-tech indoor garden system with grow light, nutrients, guide and herb seed kit
* Self-watering, self-feeding, auto-grow system; easy enough for kids to use
* Harvest directly from the unit, or use for sprouting, transplants, propagation, cuttings, and mixed-variety planting (with a wide variety of AeroGrow seed kits)
* Includes pre-seeded bio-dome grow pod, 2 daylight-spectrum bulbs, nutrients, tending and harvesting guide and recipes
* AeroGarden is Organic based, 100% natural; proven by NASA as the highest-yielding plant growth technology


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