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Monday, April 28, 2008

Lawn Care Tips

Feeding with a lawn fertiliser will make it greener and thicker, which helps it resist weeds and moss. There are different formulations depending on the time of the year you are feeding, and there are also feed and weed products, which will kill moss, while providing nutrients to the grass.

Learn to tolerate a few weeds in the lawn, but if small patches or single weeds need to be removed, pull up by hand with the help of a daisy grubber tool or similar device. This helps to get the deeper roots of perennial weeds out. Alternatively spot-treat with a dab-on weed killer that can be bought in tubes. Use a selective weed killer on lawns with large colonies of weeds, such as creeping buttercup.

Little and often is the recipe for success. Regular cutting keeps the lawn thick, tidy and deters weeds. For most lawns, at the start of the year set the mower blades to 3cm (1.25in) and cut the lawn about once a week. When the grass grows faster during the spring and summer, lower the blades to 2cm (1in) and you may need to cut up to twice a week.

During long dry spells, mow less frequently, let grass grow longer and don't use summer feeds that will make lots of new growth. If you are in a drought area your lawn may turn brown in summer, but learn to live with this rather than using a sprinkler and it will soon recover when it rains in autumn.


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