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Friday, November 28, 2008

Get The Sparrows Back To Our Towns

The sparrow used to be a familiar sight in our towns and cities, but within a generation, numbers have plummeted.

Modern garden design, urban development and paving over front gardens to use them as parking spaces could all be contributing to the catastrophic decline in the numbers of sparrows in our towns and cities.

It seems that numbers started falling in towns and cities in the mid-1980s. Cockney sparrows are almost non-existent, and the species has almost vanished from London.

House sparrows are also disappearing from Bristol, Edinburgh and Dublin.

Being a lazy gardener can actually be a good thing.

Honeysuckle attracts loads of spiders and insects, which the sparrows love, and leaving vegetation to grow gives the right conditions.

So, now you have an excuse for doing nothing in the garden - you're helping one of Britain's best loved, and rapidly disappearing, birds.


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