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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

What`s Happening to our Conker Trees?

Once again Horse Chestnut trees around the country are facing a threat from a `killer` disease-bleeding canker!

28 trees have been culled in an area of Wiltshire. According to the Forestry Commission bleeding canker has killed over 3,000 trees over recent years.

Although the disease can be controlled by cutting out the infected parts, it is very limited in its effect. The tree usually dies anyway in time, with it losing its bark and branches.

The disease is spread by spores in the ground and can cause the tree to bleed a reddish brown liquid, being killed from the inside out.

In some areas of the country it could be that the Horse Chestnuts will be replaced in time by Oak trees.

What`s going to happen to all those conkers? A lot of kids are going to be disappointed without being able to get hold of loads of conkers for their fights! Maybe we`ll have to start importing them (agricultural regulations permitting).


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