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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wild Rabbits causing Problems

Wild rabbits appear to be making nuisances of themselves from one corner of the world over to the other side.

Apparently they are causing thousands of dollars worth of damage to playing fields at some sporting facilities in Australia. The home of the St George Illawarra Dragons is among a number of sporting facilities that have fallen victim to repeated attacks by rabbits - and we're not talking the South Sydney variety.

Wild herds of rabbits, which have made a home in bitou bush along the coast in Wollongong, have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to fields of the city's sporting organisations - and the holes they dig have created an injury risk for many of our top sportspeople.

And in the UK farmers are complaining about the damage wild rabbits are doing to their land. Tighter restrictions now mean that rabbits aren`t being culled as they once were, and are breeding quickly.


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