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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rhubarb Growers Unhappy at Lack of Frost

I once assumed that all plants hate frost (especially here in the UK). But, I see I was wrong.

Apparently rhubarb NEEDS some sharp frost in order to thrive.  Freezing conditions mean that the rhubarb's roots store much-needed energy over the winter months, and the last thing growers want is for the ground to be too warm so that the rhubarb starts to grow, thus using up reserves of energy.

West Yorkshire is the place to go for quality rhubarb, but there is some concern about production in the so-called "pink triangle" among growers.

The lack of freezing weather doesn't particularly help sales either, as generally more people will turn to rhubarb dishes (great with custard poured over it) when it's cold outside.

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