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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Removing Weeds From Your Lawn

Many shallow rooted, rosette forming lawn weeds can be removed with a daisy grubber, while tap-rooted weeds can be hoicked out of turf with a long-handled weed tool. Alternatively, weeds can also be treated with a herbicide gel brushed onto the leaves. This will only affect the weeds treated.

Moss and many other lawn weeds can be prevented by keeping the lawn healthy. Aerate, spike and rake annually to improve drainage and remove debris. If you have a problem with coarse grasses in the lawn, they can be controlled by slashing through the crowns with a knife before mowing, while weeds that spread by runners can be weakened by raking the stems upright before cutting.

If you have a serious weed problem, use a weed and feed product, ensuring that the formulation is for the right time of year. These are usually for spring or autumn application.


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