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Monday, December 08, 2008

National Trust Wants To Clear Rhododendrons

With its exotic flowers, rhododendron ponticum has been popular in ornamental parks and gardens since it was brought to the UK from the East in the 19th Century.

But the alien invader is spreading two new plant diseases that could seriously affect native species and wipe out important heath land.

The National Trust is so concerned about the problem it has written to the Government asking for funds to help clear rhododendrons.

It says it out of control in many areas of the country.

Rhododendrons were first brought to the UK from Japan and India by plant collectors in the 19th century.

The small trees have been blamed for crowding out many native plant species and there have already been culls to save native woodland on National Trust properties in the South West, Wales and Scotland.

Now there is a new concern that the plant is host to two deadly new plant diseases from the phytophthora fungus - known as the plant destroyer.


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