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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Scientific Test To See If Talking To Plants Works

When Prince Charles revelaed over twenty years ago that he talked to his plants, many thought that, to put it diplomatically, he was a litle eccentric.

Now, however, scientists at the Royal Horticultural Society are conducting a study into whether plants really are affected by the human voice.

The RHS is now trying to determine if he was right by reading works of literature to tomato plants. The recordings will be played to ten plants, around the clock, through the headphones of an MP3 player attached to their pots at root level.

The plants will be measured before, during and after the experiment and a set of control plants will be left in silence.

Some believe that low-frequency sound might vibrate the plant and so affect its growth.

It`ll be interesting to see the results.


  • There is a show called Myth Busters and the are very scientific in all their research. They played different kinds of music over a month in different controlled environments. Playing music or talking to the plants from their research seemed to work and calmer music seemed to work best.

    By Blogger Marcus, at 2:35 am  

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