Green Fingers I Wish

Monday, June 29, 2009

When to Water Your Garden?

At this time of year it`s important to make sure our gardens are properly cared for with enough moisture. This is especially true if we have young plants that need that bit of extra care and attention.

As far as watering goes, water in the early morning, or at night, but not during the hottest periods. That way it gives more time for the plants and lawn to soak up the water before it has chance to evaporate.

Water the area of the plant just above the roots. That way the part of the plant gets it where it is most needed.

It`s usually best to water plants not too frequently, but when they are done, they should be watered throughly. That will help the roots over time to seek out any moisture in the soil.

Water costs money. Therefore why not use what one of my neighbours calls "God`s water" and use a water barrel.

A barrel can save literally hundreds of liters of rainwater in wet periods. Then, when the weather turns dry that water can be used when your garden needs it most.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Queen`s New Vegetable Garden

Here's the new vegetable garden at Buckingham Palace. It`s roughly 11 metres by 4 metres, and contains such favourites as planted with tomatoes, runner beans, onions, leeks and carrots.

It's the first time vegetables have been grown at Buckingham Palace since the second World War.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Michelle Obama, who is well into ecogardening, is doing more to use the scraps from the kitchen to turn into compost. The First Lady`s vegetable garden is apparently thriving.

Pretty soon we might see a competition between Washington and London to see who grows the best cucumbers!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Your Garden Adequately Covered?

Apparently the average garden contains items worth more than £1,000, made up of £700 worth of plants, trees, bushes and shrubs, and over £800 on what is in our garden sheds. And if you take into account BBQ equipment, gazebos, and patio equipment, the value rises even more.

Yet, if you check your insurance policy, chances are that you are only covered for something like £500 for loss to outdoor items. You could have a shortfall of many hundreds-if not thousands-of pounds.

There are some policies which cover up to £2,000, but not many. Even if you are covered for a decent amount, say several thousands of pounds, you might still find that there are individual ceilings placed on items.

Expensive barbecue sets, or patio furniture might not fully be covered. Ride-on lawnmowers can be quite expensive too. What about bicycles, they should be covered either by your current policy, but if not add them as specific items, or take out a separate policy to cover them. There are certain things which ought to be covered by your buildings policy, including such items as fences, patios, conservatories, and outbuildings. So, before dashing off to top up your insurance you need to be clear on what is and isn't covered by your existing insurance policy.

As far as what is stored inside sheds and other outbuildings are concerned, security is obviously a factor. Insurers will usually insist on a certain level of security, specifying the standard of locks they require to be fitted, and so on. Remember too, that when it is warm outside it can be tempting to leave your items outdoors overnight, or when you go out. Get them stolen and again chances are you are not covered.

If you really want to make sure you have adequate insurance cover for all your gardening items you may want to consider getting a quote from a specialist provider.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Large Blue Butterfly Makes Return

The large blue butterfly has made an astonishing comeback following a huge re-introduction effort, scientists say.

The large blue butterfly was declared extinct in Britain in 1979, but in the 1980s large blues were imported from Sweden by conservationists.

It seems that now there are around 20,000 in the UK, in 30 colonies.

It just shows that when conservationists put their minds to it amazing things can be achieved.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Badgers Spotted in More Gardens Survey

In this week`s RSPB's summer wildlife study (Make Your Nature Count), one in ten householders reported seeing badgers in their gardens.

We expect to see creatures like foxes, hedgehogs and robins and blackbirds of course. But, not so much the nocturnal badger. It`s thought that they are lured into gardens by nuts and seeds left out for birds. Badgers will eat a wide variety of foods, both meat and vegetables.

It is estimated there are around 300,000 badgers in the UK, with figures remaining steady. Farmers aren`t too keen on them, since there is a worry about them transferring bovine tuberculosis (TB) to cattle, though the risk to animals and humans is said to be small.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nudist Gardeners Complaint

A pair of nudists in Colorado are claiming that their landlord is discriminating against them - because they've been threatened with eviction for gardening wearing only thongs.

The couple, from Boulder, Colorado, have been told in a letter from Boulder Housing Partners that they could face eviction if they don't cover up while tending their garden, on the grounds that they are causing a 'nuisance'.

The couple wear just things while gardening, with the wife also covering her nipples. The police say that this covering their genitals is enough to make the couple in compliance with the law.

I hope they stay clear of the the roses. Ouch!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Painted Lady Butterfly Pays A Welcome Visit

If you`re in the right place at the right time you may see clouds of butterflies which have travelled all the way from Morocco in North Africa to visit our shores here in the UK. Sightings of the Painted Lady have been reported to Butterfly Conservation since the last Bank Holiday weekend.

Apparently the heavy winter rains over in Morocco allowed good germination of the caterpillar food-plants. Emerging in mid February the Painted Lady butterflies began their long flight north to Northern Europe passing through Spain and France.

If you do see any, then Butterfly Conservation is interested in receiving your tracking reports which can be done online.

It`s great to know that we are having so many butterflies coming over here, we just don`t seem to see enough of them in recent summers.